St. Margaret

St. Margaret church looks like a small castle nestled in the tranquil heart of the village Großnöbach. The old town itself, when viewed from above, is the picture-book Upper Bavarian village: The church with its elegant and slender tower makes up the focal point and is surrounded by a cemetery with a shingle-covered wall and ancient trees. On the forecourt stands a proud maypole next to a bench.

The village of Großnöbach with a population of 400 is situated in the very south of the Fahrenzhausen municipality and was first mentioned between 972 and 976 in a deed of exchange written by Bishop Abraham of Freising. It was probably already under the parish of Haimhausen at the time, which now belongs to the Catholic parish association of Fahrenzhausen-Haimhausen. Today's St. Margaret with its yellow façade and wood shingle tower dates back to a Romanesque building. The last major remodel of the exterior in 1880 gave the church its present look.


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Early medieval primary sourcesThe Großnöbach church is first mentioned

The village and church of Großnöbach were first mentioned in writing during the tenure of Bishop Abraham of Freising (957–994) in a deed of exchange dating back to the period between 972 and 976, where reference was made to a “Neninpah”. The nobleman Dietricus exchanged the tithe in Großnöbach for fiefdoms in the region. Up until the church was secularised, the village, including St. Margaret, belonged to the former Hofmark Massenhausen (similar to a manor), which in turn belonged to the Freising diocese as an administrative unit.

A small creek, the Nöbach, flows through the village and past the church, which explains the two village names of Kleinnöbach and Großnöbach. Kleinnöbach is a small hamlet a few hundred metres south of the Großnöbach church and, interestingly enough, does not belong to the parish of Haimhausen like Großnöbach, but to the parish of Fürholzen further east.

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Building typeRomanik
Architectural StyleSaalkirche
Year of Consecrationvor 972

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