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The Bründl-Wallfahrtskirche is set amid woodland overlooking the Amper river. This chapel is still a place of pilgrimage in our own time. The chapel, built in 1734, is located approximately one kilometre from Haimhausen parish church and is a popular and much-visited place of worship in the Dachau region. Visitors are immediately struck by the tranquillity of the surroundings. The aura of the small church and the murmur of the spring are an irresistible invitation to linger, relax and find inner peace.

A small spring emerges from the northern outer wall of the chapel. The water is not suitable for drinking but has a number of healing properties attributed to it, in particular for eye complaints. It is also reputed to be a fountain of youth. In the vicinity of the chapel, there are various plants that serve as natural remedies, such as the spotted hemlock (Conium maculatum), which is used in homeopathy for lymph detoxification and for the treatment of vertigo and dizziness in the elderly.

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Construction of the wooden chapelBeginnings of the pilgrimage

In the early 18th century, the healing properties of the spring and the 20cm-tall clay replica of the Ettal Madonna of Grace attracted numerous pilgrims who sought divine help, especially for afflictions of the eye. 

The records speak of a wooden chapel which was built over the spring and wayside shrine in 1715. This soon proved to be inadequate to cater for the needs of the increasing number of pilgrims. 

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Building typeBarock
Architectural StyleSaalkirche
Year of Consecration1734

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